Bill McCollum, Presumptive GOP Nominee for Florida Governor, Throws Charlie Crist Under the Bus

How bad is it for Charlie Crist? So bad that the presumptive nominee for the GOP’s gubernatorial candidate has thrown Crist under the bus.Speaking at an event in Ocala, FL, Bill McCollum listed his priorities for Governor and, as the Associated Press notes, they “look[] a lot like the one Gov. Charlie Crist had in 2006: education, lawsuit limits, property insurance and property taxes.”

Does that mean Crist didn’t follow through on his goals? McCollum wouldn’t go there.”I’m not going to comment on Governor Crist and his performance in office,” McCollum said. “I’m looking at being the next governor of Florida and I’m more than happy to talk about where I think the state should be going.”

Here is where it gets interesting. When McCollum talked about education reform in Florida he did not tout Charlie Crist’s record, despite Crist considering himself a huge education reformer. No, McCollum praised Crist’s predecessor, one Jeb Bush — a man who has largely seen his massive, conservative reforms of Florida’s education system undone by Charlie Crist.McCollum also said that Florida is “far too into the insurance business,” something Crist oversaw.In other words, the man who would be Governor is joining in the attacks on Crist and championing Jeb Bush instead.It should be noted that, like Crist, BIll McCollum was largely picked by the Florida Republican Party. The party intended McCollum to run unopposed, but a state senator is challenging him from the right.