A Bomb Goes Off in Florida

Last night in Washington, close to one hundred leaders of the conservative movement gathered in a townhouse just down from the United States Capitol to hear Senator Jim DeMint and Florida Speaker Marco Rubio at a Senate Conservatives Fund fundraiser for Marco Rubio.

The people in the room for Rubio were the same people who blew up NY-23, helping Doug Hoffman and crushing the chances of a far left Republican, Dede Scozzafava.

Just prior to the start of the fundraiser, a bomb went off in Florida. According to Rasmussen, the Florida Senate primary is now tied between Rubio and Crist.

For perspective, only about six months ago, Rubio was in the single digits with Crist safely over 50%.

Jim DeMint told the crowd that Rubio is one of a handful of “new Republicans” running to take back our country. And the new poll shows it is working.

Charlie Crist is the only candidate the National Republican Senatorial Committee will admit to endorsing. The actually used the word “endorse.” Since their endorsement, Crist has seen a top fundraiser indicted for a ponzi scheme, taken every position possible on the Obama stimulus plan, replaced his campaign team, and gone from over fifty percent in the polling to tied with Marco Rubio.

Rubio will win. The Establishment will be defeated. Conservatives will advance and with them freedom.

Jim DeMint told the crowd that attended if they were there, they were no longer part of the establishment. The leaders of the conservative movement were there and they and their checkbooks are going to throw the GOP establishment under Barack Obama’s bus.

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