Senate Democrats on Verge of Deal

Don’t believe everything you hear. The Senate Democrats are not on the verge of a collapse. They are on the verge of compromising every single thing they want just so they can get a “health care reform” bill passed.Here’s what I’m being told:The Democrats have given Joe Lieberman everything he wanted. Joe will now vote for the bill.Ben Nelson (D-NE) is being threatened with having every major military installation in Nebraska shut down. Yes, I know, but the Democrats are playing for keeps on this and health care “reform” is more important to them than the military.Liberals are being told they have to accept this to given them any credibility going into next year’s election. They don’t want to be accused of “killing reform.”Lastly, the CBO scoring of the bill is going to look fine now that the Medicare affecting portions are going to be dropped.Inevitably, this legislation is going to cause health care costs to skyrocket and force people into socialized medicine.But Barack Obama and the Democrats don’t care. They want to be seen as doing something and beating the Republicans — with what, they don’t care.

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