Charlie Crist Lies Again About Marco Rubio

It is called projection. The big spending, tax-hiking cover of the Florida accuses his opponent who has always been committed to cutting spending and taxes as being a big spending tax hiker.Come on, Charlie. Even the media is calling you out for your lies.

“When you hear people out there on the campaign trail talking about what they’re going to do, look at what they’ve already done,” said Crist, going on to cast Rubio as a big-spending, tax-raiser. “Let’s make sure the words meet the facts. I don’t believe in raising taxes. I’m running against someone who wanted to,” said Crist, apparently referring to Rubio’s support of a plan to raise sales taxes while cutting property taxes.But Crist never mentioned that he signed a budget this year that includes more than $2-billion in new taxes and fees. In fact, several times Crist made claims about his record that have been widely debunked or undercut by reality

Stop being a girl and own up to your record, Governor.