The Very Necessary Republican Civil War

Yesterday, in an interview with the St. Petersburg Times, I said in 2010 one of my big targets is the GOP establishment. Yep. It’s being characterized as a civil war. I prefer to think of it as a coup. It is time for the grassroots to take back the party. If a fight is necessary, I’m game for that.While I was away from my computer most of the day, that statement kind of exploded yesterday.But what do I mean? It’s pretty simple.The media narrative every time Republicans lose is not that Republicans lose, but that conservatives lose. Without fail, every election cycle, made worse by John McCain being the 2008 nominee, is that conservatives cannot win. In 2008, the narrative was that conservatives cannot even make it out of the GOP primary.As often happens, the media narrative when repeated enough starts being treated as fact, particularly among Republican establishment types who crave acceptance in the media. Their thinking is pretty grade school: “Reporter says conservatives can’t win. Therefore I will not be conservative. They will look at me and say ‘winner.'”Sadly, this attitude has infected the great bulk of the Republican establishment. The only way to change this is for conservatives to win. But this year, unlike most other years, there is a very real problem. The Republican Establishment is out to beat conservatives to make sure once and for all that the media narrative is established fact.Look at the pattern, led by Rob Jesmer, the Executive Director of the NRSC, who has rallied Senate Republicans to oppose conservatives nationwide:In Pennsylvania, the GOP went with Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey.In Florida, it is Crist over Rubio.In Connecticut, the GOP has stayed neutral as to the moderates in the race, but made clear the conservative is a loser.In California, it is Fiorina over DeVore.Across the board, the GOP Establishment is staying neutral between moderates and endorsing moderates over conservatives. In some cases, it is endorsing liberals over conservatives.The goal is an intentionally orchestrated campaign to defeat conservatives in the GOP primaries and thereby have the establishment take full credit for what we all know is going to be a good year for the GOP in 2010.However, conservatives have a real opportunity to fight back. From Florida to California to Pennsylvania and more, if conservatives win the primaries the Republican Establishment will be marginalized and totally unable to take credit for the victories. In what will be a good year for Republicans next year, those conservatives will most likely win the general election too. The media and establishment narrative will be crushed.So yes, there is a very necessary brewing Republican civil war. This should be a banner election year for conservatives. Sadly, it is the GOP Establishment trying to prevent that from happening.We must fight back. We know conservatives are the base of the party. We know independents are moving our way. We know conservatives can win. We know from Maine to Florida to California to Alaska a pro-entrepreneurial “leave me the hell alone” message can sell. And yet?The Republican Establishment in charge now is the same Establishment that was there in 2006. It never got replaced. For example, Mitch McConnell has led us from 55 Senate seats to 40 and his record as NRSC Chairman was equally craptacular. Now this man is both trying to beat conservatives in Republican primaries and oppose Obamacare with cute little messaging amendments. These people are only winners because we let them. Not any more.Conservatives can win if we fight back. Who is with me?

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