The Poll Republican Establishment Types Would Prefer You Ignore

What are we told about conservatives by the Republican establishment? Let’s see: they need to be seen and not heard, they are hurting us with independents, their philosophy is outmoded, they stand for nothing but “no,” and if we move right the voters will reject us.What do we know from reality?As Republicans stood up to Obama, their polling among independents went up.Independents more closely identify with conservatives than liberals.When Obama targeted Rush as too conservative, Rush’s ratings went up.More voters already view themselves as conservative than liberal.After Joe Wilson called the President a liar, Wilson racked up the cash from across the nation.And now there is this.Among likely voters in South Carolina, Jim DeMint’s unapologetic conservatism polls better than Lindsey Graham’s accommodationist love letters to Obama.DeMint polls well with both men and women.Among Republican likely voters, most think the GOP should go DeMint’s way, not Graham’s way.What’s more, in a PPP poll, which is a Democrat oriented polling firm, of registered voters, DeMint still does well. Registered voter polling always skews to the left. Compound that with PPP being a Democrat polling firm and the skew goes further. And still, DeMint hovers around 50% popularity and opposition to Obamacare tops 50%.The message to the GOP is clear as we have seen the same trends in other polls beyond the borders of South Carolina: More Jim DeMints, less apologists for creeping socialism.Worst case scenario: voters at least want a politician who does what he says he will do.Most likely case: voters want real conservatives running the country.The Rasmussen poll shows DeMint with a 61% favorability rating among independents, while Washington establishment’s favorite Republican, Lindsey Graham, only has a 55% favorable view with SC independents. Who’s message is resonating with the middle and attracting new voters to the party (growing the tent)? Conservatives.