Finally Paying Attention

The good old boy network is so entrenched and pervasive, it sometimes affects even the media — particular the media covering politics.I’m told by friends in South Carolina that the press over there has done very little in the way of covering Nikki Haley as a serious candidate for Governor, despite having the support of Mark Sanford pre-Argentina and still having the strong support of Mrs. Sanford, who just recently reiterated her support for Rep. Haley.But, we mentioned Nikki Haley on Monday and boom.Nice.Folks, I’m not going to stop writing about Nikki Haley. Every day this month I intend to write something about her. You should too. She is awesome. She is one of us. She is electable. And she will make one heck of a great Governor of South Carolina.I don’t care which state you are in. We need to support the good guys nationwide where their election will impact conservatives across the board. Governors offices do that. That is why we need Nikki Haley.