A Nobel versus a Noble Peace

I think Human Events is spot on with this.The Navy SEALs have helped us reach a noble peace in Iraq. The people are largely free. The markets are largely free. The government is largely operational. Violence is down. And the bad guys keep getting captured.Recently, Navy SEALs captured the mastermind of the Fallujah massacre, Ahmed Hashim Abed. In that massacre, four Blackwater employees were rounded up and slaughtered. The SEALs have done many other fine things in the past year, and beyond, including rescuing Captain Phillips of the Maersk Alabama.Contrast them with Barack Obama who has done nothing except expand the deficit and talk. The world community who hates the men who keep us safe at night has given one of their own the Nobel Peace Prize for prospective work.The men who keep us safe at night and have advanced a noble peace in Iraq? They are getting courtmartialed for giving the terrorist mastermind of Fallujah a bloody lip.Our men and women in uniform deserve better. At a minimum, they deserve a Commander-in-Chief who puts civilians in charge of the military who do not show contempt for it.