Two Races Conservatives Must Pay Attention To

There are two congressional Republican primaries that I am keeping my eye on and want you to do the same. They are KS-01 and SC-03.Both are going to be won by the Republican in the general election. Both are open seats. In Kansas, Jerry Moran is running for the Senate against my favorite, Todd Tiahart. In South Carolina, Gresham Barrett is running for Governor against Nikki Haley.Here’s the situation:In KS-01, there are several conservatives running, but two really, really stand out. Tim Huelskamp and Rob Wasinger. They are both fine men. I don’t have an unkind word to say about either. The Club for Growth has lined up behind Tim. Fred Thompson has lined up behind Rob.I’ve got good friends on both sides. Support whichever one you like.In SC-03, there are three big candidates running: James Galyean, Jeff Duncan, and Rex Rice. Whatever happens, Rex Rice must be defeated in the GOP Primary. He is terrible on fiscal issues. Horrible. He will not be with us on those issues in Congress because he is not with us on those issues now. Duncan or Galyean are the two who will be right across the board.In KS-01 and SC-03 we have a problem: the two good conservatives in each race are in danger of cutting into each others’ votes thereby helping the squishy guy get elected.So I am paying attention to these races. I want to see fundraising numbers come out in January. Right now Galyean Duncan and Huelskamp are raising more money and have higher profiles. If this keeps up, Wasinger and Duncan Galyean are going to need to decide if staying in and chancing getting someone who really does not share their values elected is worth it.I’d prefer to sit on the sidelines and not weigh in. I like all four guys. I know Huelskamp. I have lots of friends who know Wasinger and Galyean. Galyean’s background is tremendously impressive. But Duncan is solid.Let’s pay attention. Let’s see who proves viability. We may have to weigh in to ensure across the board conservatives get the nomination. I hope the candidates themselves will be honest with themselves. From years of running campaigns, I know that is sometimes the hardest thing to do. But we have a chance in both districts to improve on the men who are leaving by elected guys with even better conservative bona fides. We cannot afford to blow it.