Tim Gill's Merry Band Failed in New York.

You may remember Tim Gill from this Atlantic Monthly profile. Gill is the multi-millionaire gay man who helped fund the left’s take over of Colorado. Gill is playing for keeps and gay marriage. He funds local races and state legislative races to get legislatures to pass gay marriage without the consent of the voters. He keeps a low profile, bundles with lots of donors to obfuscate what is happening, and tries to elect people who sound conservative in their races, but then push the gay agenda once in office.He hit a brick wall in New York last week.It seems clear the gay rights crowd had paid off several state legislators for their votes, but were then betrayed by those legislators.On the email list, Lane Hudson (the guy who held on to and then blew up right before the election, the Mark Foley story) emailed out this:

Folks:I’m pasting below a message sent to another list serve from the online outreach director from the NY State Senate. I thought each of you would appreciate the intelligence.Best,LaneForwarded Message:Hey, folks.Big news. The long stalled NY Senate bill (it’s passed the Assembly twice and the Gov is eager to sign) extending full marriage rights to same sex couples will be brought to the floor today, debated extensively and almost certainly passed (with a handful of GOP votes.) At the NYS Senate, we’ve been working through the holiday to get ready for this and will be streaming the entire debate live at NYSenate.gov. (We’ll be doing live commentary at the albany project as well for those outside of NY who may want to know what all that debating actually means.)The long and the short of it is that we’ve been told that they have the votes to pass the the thing and, unlike CA and ME, there ain’t gonna be a round two in NY.Some helpful links:http://open.nysenate.gov/legislation/api/html/bill/S4401 (link to the actual bill on our spiffy new Open Legislation site, comments enabled, btw.)http://www.nysenate.gov/initiative/marriage-equality (special page for all things marriage equality, will become the actual front page of the site when the trigger gets pulled. Will be live shortly.)http://www.nysenate.gov/blogs/2009/nov/30/watch-senate-debate-marriage-equality (blog with a video viewer and comments. will be live shortly.)thealbanyproject.com (your source for all the commentary and analysis I can’t do on the Senate site.)http://www.thealbanyproject.com/diary/7641/marriage-equality-debate-and-vote-tonight-will-it-pass (A whip count of where we are )We’re going all out on this one. We’ve got multiple video streams of the debate, multiple places to comment on the bill and the proceedings and I’ll be livetweeting the debate for the Senate as @NYSenate. (We’ll be using the #NYMarriageDebate hashtag)They are going to allow the full four hours of debate on the bill and then each member (there are 62) will be allowed 2 minutes each to explain their vote. I imagine that most of not all will take advantage of that. TAP will be doing a running tally of votes during this time so we should know pretty close to the exact count before the vote is actually taken.It’s going to be a big day here in NY. Hope you all will tune in.Fingers crossed,-phillip [Anderson]

Sounds like the online outreach director for the New York State Senate, who is supposed to work for the Senate, not just the Democrat Senators, was more than a little invested in this. Note that he was supposed to no longer be writing at the left-wing “Albany Project”, but admits in the email that he is still writing there.But then there is this email from Lane:

I’m sure most of you already know that we lost in the NY Senate 24-38. Not even close. Only one ‘undecided’ vote picked up. I’m not good at math, but it seems as if 7 Democrats voted no and 0 Republicans voted yes.Lane

And then this very interesting one from Jeff Campagna of a gay rights activists group called “The Power”:

8 voted no and from what I’m hearing Gill and HRC backed two of them with the assurance they would vote with us. Can Gill or HRC confirm whether or not they were given such assurances?Jeff Campagna

In fact, it looks like Gill had funded several of the legislators and saw some of them betray him.I wonder if New York voters, along with voters in Virginia and elsewhere that have seen Gill’s money leverage leftists in the legislature, are paying attention. A gaggle of gay men and lesbians are funneling money into state legislative races in attempts to impose gay marriage on citizens without their vote, either through bought and paid for legislators or, more troubling, judges.