Steve Fincher Comes on Strong in TN-08

With John Tanner (D-TN) retiring, he opens up a seat that, despite his holding it, leans very much Republican. And already there is a conservative jumping in against two guys who have some dubious issues. I take a great deal of interest in this seat because I have family in the district.Meet Steve Fincher.Steve Fincher is a true conservative and the overwhelming choice of local grassroots GOPers, winning the first 8th District straw poll by a landslide margin. He has been active with the Tea Party movement. Two Republicans, doctors George Flinn and Ron Kirkland, are probably going to enter the GOP primary Flinn doesn’t even live in the district; he lives in Memphis, which won’t go over well in the 8th. He gave money to a Democrat running for Congress in ’06, and his son (who works at his father’s company) was a former Democrat candidate for the state legislature who has given to Harold Ford, John Kerry and Steve Cohen. Kirkland is a Tanner donor who said he wouldn’t have run against Tanner himself.This one is a no brainer. Steve Fincher is our guy in TN-08.