I am Doug Hoffman. No, I am. No, not you, me. I'm Doug Hoffman.

A while back, I was talking to a friend who must remain nameless and he was kind of hacked off at some upstart GOP consultants who had taken to calling themselves “Young Turks”.My friend says, “Who the hell do these guys think they are? You don’t call yourself a young turk. That’s for other people to call you that if you’ve earned it. You call yourself a young turk, you might as well call yourself an upstart, arrogant p**ck.”He had a point.It reminds me of an Atlanta Journal profile of the third or fourth coming (I forget which) of Ralph Reed who said of himself that his returning to evangelical politics was like Steve Jobs returning to Apple.You don’t say that about yourself.With those points in mind, I turn to NY-23. I am so very tired of every candidate in the country claiming to be the next Doug Hoffman or in the next New York 23.No you aren’t. Just shut up. I promise you that you aren’t. If you are saying that about yourself, I guarantee you that you are not the next Doug Hoffman. You aren’t even the next Marco Rubio.If you want my support, saying you are the next Doug Hoffman is not a short cut to getting my support or that of this site. It’s probably a good way for us all to tune you out.You are not Doug Hoffman. Get over yourself.