Nice Guys Only Finish Last If We Let Them

We have all heard the saying “nice guys finish last.” Why is that exactly? It seems to me that nice guys only finish last if we let them.In this coming election year, we have the chance to get some nice guys (and ladies) elected.Over the past few years, the establishment GOP has become bloated, corrupt, greedy, inept, licentious, devoid of ideas, and weak. It has passed legislation to grow government while talking about cutting it. Its leaders have excoriated the lobbyist culture while lining their pockets. It has bungled campaigns and strategy to block Barack Obama’s legislation. The problems extend from Washington into the states.This year, the story the media is not covering is the rise of the GOP grassroots against the GOP establishment. From Florida with Marco Rubio, to Texas with Michael Williams, to California with Chuck DeVore, and to Pennsylvania with Pat Toomey, we the conservative grassroots have a chance to defeat the GOP Establishment that has led us from a majority to a minority, from 55 Senate seats to 40, from a small government to a large one.But it is not just at the federal level. We have an obligation, regardless of where we live, to help at the state level too. We must make sure the nice guys who fight with us are successful across the board.That requires us, whether we live in South Carolina or not, to help Nikki Haley.There are several good people running in South Carolina, but all of them are products of the Republican Establishment. They are men who talk of smaller government without actually fighting for it. They are men who talk of less regulation while regulating. They are men of good will who mean well, speak well, but will not government well.Then there is Nikki Haley. She worked in her parents’ small business. She knows first hand the way government screws the little guy. She is not a big business supporter, but an entrepreneur’s best friend. Nikki Haley is worth supporting.We have until the end of this month to make a serious impact for her. I want December to be Nikki Haley month at RedState. The whole nation is talking about Marco Rubio because of what we have done. Same with Michael Williams. Same with Chuck DeVore. Now let us help Nikki Haley in the same way.We must help within the states too — if the federalist experiment is to survive, it must be supported inside the states, not just at the federal level. Supporting Nikki Haley does just that.Nikki Haley is one of us. Now we need to stick up for her and fund her. If you have money, give it. If you have time, give it. If you have prayers, offer them up. Let’s pray for her, fund her campaign, and work to get Nikki Haley elected as the next Governor South Carolina.

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