links for 2009-12-07

  • Remarkable. You know, it is funny that Google's motto is "Don't be Evil." Reminding workers not to do something suggests that the default is to do just that. In other words, evil is their default behavior. Contrast that with . . say . . .the Golden Rule which exhorts you to do good, expressing a positive instead of a negative.
  • I think this is supposed to be a hit job on Erik Prince, but the dude comes across as a total bad ass. I want him on my team. Oh wait! He is. That's why the left hates him.
  • Yes it is. And by the way, why aren't you reading the New Ledger daily?
  • Dan Riehl has a great post up on Sarah Palin and her e-campaign effort. Very thoughtful.
  • My wife made these for me. They were delicious. I got off the airplane and there they were waiting for me. Yum.

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