Barbara Boxer Imploding

Matt Lewis has post up at Townhall about the implosion of Barbara Boxer, perhaps the most detestable of all United States Senators.Boxer, who ironically has a five letter last name that starts with a “B” just like the word that most accurately describes her, wants to use congressional power to harass the people who leaked the climategate emails. She does not, however, want to review just how damaging those emails are to the Church of Global Warming.Likewise, Boxer has been screwing up talking points on health care in ways not helpful to her own cause.The woman is a dolt. Her last remaining claim to fame is being a High Priestess of the Church of the Butchered Baby, but even her pro-abortion stance is not saving her.As Lewis notes, “Boxer has been incapable, thus far, of garnering more than 50% support for her re-election in major polls. The two main figures vying for a chance to replace her, ex-Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, have been doing plenty to put a dent in Boxer’s odds of winning a fourth term. “Good riddance.

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