James Carville Upset Over Something Called 'Heath Insurance'

The NRCC The GOP has come up with a great way for activists who do not trust the NRCC to get involved in defeating Democrats.

[Editor’s Note: A friend at the NRCC highlighted this and so I thought the NRCC put it together. I’m told that, per the disclaimer on the website, this is a project of the various victory funds for the 24 races and the NRCC is not involved]

They’ve set up a website called Reverse The Vote. The site is raising money to defeat 24 Democrats who voted for Nancy Pelosi’s health care legislation, despite their congressional districts being clearly opposed to the plan.

The key is, and this is why I fully support this, the NRCC isn’t controlling the money or involved. It is not going to go to a hand picked candidate that activists do not like. The money will only go to the Republican who actually wins a Republican Primary. So, give money now and when the voters pick the best Republican to beat one of these 24 Democrats, money will flow to that candidate.

What does this have to do with James Carville? Well, he is hopping mad about this idea and is trying to raise money for the Democrats to counter it. The DCCC, the Democrats’ equivalent to the NRCC, sent out an email in Carville’s name today, writing

This month, National Republicans started raising millions to target 24 Democrats who voted ‘yes’ on heath insurance reform with a lie-riddled ad campaign called ‘reverse the vote’ to try and pressure them into changing their votes. We need to show these courageous Democrats that we have their backs.

I don’t know what ‘heath insurance reform’ is, but I’m pretty sure it is as bad for the health of Heath Bars as the Democrats’ health care reform is for the elderly being shipped off to a death panel independent medical advisory board.

I encourage you to support Reverse The Vote.