Morning Briefing for December 1, 2009

RedState Morning Briefing
For December 1, 2009

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1. Senate GOP Decides to Improve Health Care Bill so it Can Pass

This is frustrating.The Senate Republican Conference is giddy that its first amendment to the health care legislation is to preserve the bloated Medicare bureaucracy. The Senate Democrats want to do what they always accuse the GOP of doing and cut Medicare. The GOP is apparently giddy at the opportunity to rub the Democrats’ noses in their Medicare cuts.So now the GOP is using its first amendment to reaffirm the Democrat theory that Medicare cannot be cut and cuts even to the rate of growth of Medicare are also wrong.The GOP could have, by chance, offered up the Stupak language, which has not yet been inserted. The GOP could have offered up an amendment to split the Democrats up front. The GOP could have done nothing and moved on to let cloture fail, thus killing the bill. Instead, Democrats and Republicans will no doubt join hands and vote to put the money back in Medicare, making it a grand bipartisan exercise.What next? A GOP amendment to guarantee breast cancer screenings in the legislation?Having started from the presupposition that the health care legislation is going to pass, the GOP seems to be signaling it will work to “improve” the legislation just enough to overcome a filibuster.The legislation has 57 votes already. The GOP does not need to offer amendments to improve the bill — they need to bring it to a vote and kill it. Preening for cameras and favorable press coverage is going to get the bill to 60 votes and a signing ceremony.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Obama’s Achilles Heel

A friend of mine told me about a meeting he had with Goldman Sachs’ CEO in Atlanta at the beginning of the year. Someone asked the CEO what he thought of the new Obama administration. The CEO admitted he voted for Obama, but then said how stunned he was at lack of advisors surrounding Obama who had come from the private sector.In fact, a new study shows Obama has fewer advisors who’ve made a living in the private sector than any other American President in the last 108 years — since the turn of the 20th century when the business of America became business.The Republican Party should be able to exploit this issue. The American people, at the end of the day, believe in, work in, and want to support the private sector. Contrary to the Obama and New York Times spin that there is no stigma attached to food stamps, the American people do not want to be dependent on the government for their food, health care, or income.But that is Obama’s solution. To every problem, Obama offers government. He can offer no other because he has surrounded himself with no job creators, no producers, no captains of industry, and no free market champions. That’s not the change the American people were hoping for.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. John Hoeven May Hold the Silver Bullet for Obamacare

For many years now, Byron Dorgan has sailed comfortably to re-election in North Dakota despite his liberal voting record in one of the reddest states in the union. This year, however, Dorgan has been one of the key Senators responsible for shepherding Obamacare through the Senate. A recent poll released by Zogby indicates that if popular Governor John Hoeven challenges him, Dorgan may be dead in the water.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. Net Neutrality Update

In theory, the idea of a National Broadband Plan is to give faster Internet access to more people. You see, people frequently think America “lags behind” the rest of the world because certain statistics show America to have worse Internet access than other countries. The problem with those statistics is that they don’t account for population density. A country like Japan, South Korea, or the Netherlands has a much denser, more urbanized population, and so it’s easier to run the wires you need to give them all Internet access.But all a progressive needs is a good crisis, and they’re calling this a crisis.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Radical Islam Finds Voice In New York College

Despite Wahhaj’s altogether sordid and troubling past, the imam was invited with open arms to campus of Queens College by the Muslim Student Association (MSA), whose members just days before attended a College Republican film screening event of an anti-radical Muslim film and reportedly laughed and muttered “good” as beheading footage of American businessmen and the collapse of the World Trade Centers aired.At a debate following the film, one MSA member said, “If I had enough money I would be part of the jihad army, I would kill all the Jews,” according to one College Republican present. Another spoke of getting a “bomb.”Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. From the Inane to the Insane

Just a few days ago, the “big news” was an inane circus starring two people who crashed a White House State Dinner. The stories, the photos, the calls for investigations, more funding, firings, in other words, the typical madness will all follow. Of course, few will thank publicly the men and women of the Secret Service, who keep so many so safe for so long. While most of the major news outlets seemed totally taken with the gate crashers, few Americans were made aware of a mockery of justice that became public that same week, namely the prosecution of three brave Navy SEALS who face ruin for, among all things, capturing a terrorist who brutally killed, maimed, defiled and hanged four American citizens in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004.Please click here for the rest of the post.