Liberal Fascism: Chapter 7

Geez. I read this chapter last week and totally dropped the ball on writing about it, in part because it is so meaty. We probably should have divided this chapter in half there’s so much.Chapter 7 gives me one of my good laughs. I remember a speech Jonah gave in Atlanta last year in which he talked about Barack Obama standing before Planned Parenthood praising its founding, oblivious to the fact that Planned Parenthood was founded, in part, to kill black babies. In fact, judging by all the undercover work out there, that’s still where Planned Parenthood’s heart is.To make this short, one of the big ideas of early 20th century progressives was eugenics — creating a more pure society through sterilization and killing of the infirmed, retarded, and minority. The left enjoys tarring and feathering conservatives over desegregation, opposition to affirmative action, etc. but its moral and intellectual leaders at the start of the 20th century were the ones championing killing people because they were dumb or black.In fact, to this day, the taint of eugenics lives on in the left. From abortion to social welfare policies, the left is trying to create a more perfect society through destructive programs that do more harm than good.Let’s read Chapter 8 next week. Someone else is going to have to take the book reporting duties for the front page next Monday. I’ll be traveling.