Amateur Hour at the White House: The State Dinner

When I was on Hannity a couple of weeks ago, we got into over the Afghan policy delay and a few other things. I said it was amateur hour at the White House.These guys have no clue how to run a government or a White House. Brian over at the Conservatives has more.The White House Social Secretary just sets an extra table at dinners because they never know who is going to show up. Seriously? What part of making a list for security do these people not understand?We know from Bush admin holdovers who quit in frustration that the White House staff does not care who got in. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn a White House staffer bullied the Secret Service into adding the Salahis couple to the list.Let’s be clear: this story is not about the Salahis couple. This story is now about just how amateurish the White House is. Barack Obama has done his best to let the world know he does not care about the safety and security of the United States and he is now broadcasting to every John Wilkes, Charles, Leon, and Lee Harvey that he does not care about his own security either.The sad thing is, in Obama’s self absorption, he forgets there are men and women who surround him who do care about his safety and he and his staff are making their lives even more difficult and dangerous.