DNC Sends Out Oppo Research About Me to a Berkeley Grad Who Works for a Newspaper That Rooted for the Terrorists in Iraq

I was a bit annoyed that the reporter working the DNC hit job on me didn’t bother calling me first, but then I read the dude’s bio and just felt sorry for him — the guy’s got the career trajectory of an anvil tossed out of a hot air balloon.In any event, the Democratic National Committee sent out oppo research on me (!!!) to join Jim DeMint and me at the hip in South Carolina. This is, by the way, the same DNC that accused Eric Cantor of stoking nazism.

Democrats have seized on DeMint’s affiliation with Erickson to attack the senator. Democratic aides e-mailed links to controversial statements the blogger has made on redstate.com and in other conservative forums.. . . .Susan McManus, a political science professor at the University of South Florida in Tampa, said Democrats’ linking of DeMint with Erickson is similar to Republicans’ bid last year to tie Obama to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the president’s former minister in Chicago who’d bitterly criticized the United States in fiery sermons.Obama, though, distanced himself from Wright, while DeMint continues to use Erickson’s army of followers to reach conservative activists.

(By the way, the reporter didn’t even spell my name right.)Rosen, the McClatchy “journalist” parroting the DNC talking points into a poorly edited story, circulated a number of things on the internets trying to tie DeMint to me. One was the rather unfortunate Souter tweet I made and another tweet was the Nobel affirmative action one, which let’s face it, just hacks the left off because it was so dead on target. But the other three things Rosen was circulating were not things I had written, but things leftists had written mischaracterizing stuff I had written. Nice! All in a day’s work for a Berkeley grad.What is really flattering about all of this though is that I am a thirty-four year old guy in Macon, Georgia with a laptop and the Democratic National Committee is so terrified of me it has to release oppo research on me to a sympathetic Berkeley grad. That’s not just flattering, that’s awesome.Still, it is a bit annoying to be compared to Jeremiah Wright. I’m sure it is too difficult for a Berkeley grad and a left-leaning professor from a second tier school to distinguish, but unlike Rev. Wright, I don’t hate the United States and have never made disparaging remarks about the United States.That a reporter for McClatchy, a newspaper known to harbor anti-American sentiments and support for the terrorists against American soldiers in Iraq (see here, here, here, here, and here), and a DNC oppo researcher grasping at straws think the comparison is a good fit shows just how much the left really does hate this country — where criticism of leftwing icons and support for freedom are deemed too offensive for polite society that those views must be equated with the views of a man who actually loathes his country. The irony, of course, is that Mr. Rosen and the DNC have no problem with Jeremiah Wright at all, but know the country does.Beyond that though, Rosen and the DNC really have no idea how Jim DeMint operates. Senator DeMint is not using my “army of followers to reach conservative activists.” He’s Jim DeMint. He doesn’t need me. But I’m happy to help. How desperate must the DNC be to mount a hit job via a sympathetic Berkeley grad tying Jim DeMint to a 34 year old blogger?!Lastly, James Rosen and the DNC clearly do not watch the Simpsons.