links for 2009-11-26

  • yeah, because I like stuff like this and Moleskins got trendy.
  • Thanks you Democrats! Please sirs, can we have another?!
  • There's big news out of the evangelical movement — the Manhattan Declaration. It's a great document put together by committed Christian conservatives.Just one problem — they decided to announce on the day before Thanksgiving when not one person on earth is paying attention.Come on FOF. Relaunch next week please.
  • How do I know my wife loves me? She made this for me. This morning. Yup. She got up, sneaked out of bed, down the hall, into the kitchen, and whipped this up. Just for me. Damn, but I have got to lose some serious weight between now and January. This ain't helping. But I am loved.
  • If you need a last minute bread item for Thanksgiving, these are SUPER easy and delicious.
  • Good post. BTW, the only blog I find myself reading every single day these days besides RedState and Instapundit is Dan's blog. You should be reading it too.
  • More! BTW, I refuse to venture out on Friday, even to the Apple Store. If I can't buy my clothes and stuff from a place ending in dot-com, I don't want 'em.
  • Awesome. (H/T Kottke)