Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for my wife and family who support what I do and let me do this. I’m thankful for Eagle Publishing, which since 2007, has provided a helpful team to make RedState happen. I’m thankful for Neil Stevens who keeps the lights on for us. I’m thanking for each of our front page contributors who daily work hard to provide some of the best insight and commentary on the internet.I am thankful for Mike Pence and Jim DeMint being leading voices of conservatism in the House and Senate. I am thankful for Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund, which has provided conservative activists an alternative to the NRSC to elect real conservatives to the United States Senate.I am thankful for Rush Limbaugh willing to, every week day, take on the left and inspire and embolden Levin, Hannity, Beck, Ingraham, and many others to be voices for the right.Above all save my God and my family, though, I am tremendously thankful for each and every one of you. You guys inspire me, give me energy, and drive my passion to fight the left and clean up the right. I thank each and every one of you for your friendship.Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.Bring on the food!!!!!!!!!