Morning Briefing for November 23, 2009

RedState Morning Briefing
For November 23, 2009

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1. The Strategy Going Forward

Sixty Senators voted to proceed to debate health care. There will be another shot at stopping it through filibuster.Mary Landrieu, after getting $300 million in the bill for Louisiana, voted for it.Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas not only voted for it, but now favors a public option.Voters will remember.Along the way, there seems to be divisions shaping up within the Democratic Party. Amendments will be offered to try to patch up differences.Republicans should exploit this. Drag out consideration of the bill as those divisions grow, then offer amendments to exploit the divisions.As I have said before, if Republicans work to improve the legislation, they presuppose its passage. Instead, the GOP should plan for the destruction of the bill by offering amendments designed to divide and fracture the Democrat coalition.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. The Terrorists Will Plead Not Guilty

It should not be surprising to learn, though it may make your blood pressure go up. The terrorists who orchestrated 9/11 and masterminded the deaths of thousands of Americans will plead not guilty. They will use their case to try American foreign policy.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. The Great Global Warming Fraud

Late last week, servers at Britain’s Climate Research Unit, a part of the University of East Anglia, were hacked and over 172 megabytes of data dumped onto the internet for public access.The data paints an ugly picture of scientists operating as political hacks orchestrating smear campaigns against global warming dissidents, deleting files rather than make their data publicly available, and manufacturing data to prove their case when the actual data does nothing of the sort.The University of East Anglia has confirmed the authenticity of the documents. With that confirmation, we see global warming for what it is — a scam perpetuated by scientists intent on gaining access to money.The highlights are:

  1. Prominent environmental scientists organize a boycott of scientific journals if those journals publish scholarly material from global warming dissidents.
  2. The scientists then orchestrate attacks on the dissidents because of their lack of scholarly material published in scientific journals.
  3. The scientists block from the UN’s report on global warming evidence that is harmful to the anthropogenic global warming consensus.
  4. The scientists, when faced with a freedom of information act request for their correspondence and data, delete the correspondence and data lest it be used against them.
  5. The scientists fabricate data when their data fails to prove the earth is warming. In fact, in more than one case, scientists engaged in lengthy emails on how to insert additional made up data that would in turn cause their claims to stand out as legitimate.

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4. The Louisiana Purchase

Back in the old days, people would at least look ashamed when caught being bribed, but not Mary Landrieu. It’s being called the Louisiana Purchase. Senator Harry Reid put a provision on the health care plan that originally called for $100 million to be funneled to Louisiana exclusively.Mary Landrieu refused to vote for cloture on the motion to proceed to the health care debate. Reid raised the offer to $300 million and Mary proved she wasn’t a cheap date after all — she took the increase, voted for cloture, and then bragged about the $300 million bribe.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Democrats Trying to Orchestrate Bi-Partisan Gas Tax Increase

Got this from a high level source:I just came from dinner and recognized the voices beside me. It was Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and three other Democrats. I knew the other faces but names escape me.They were strategizing on how to raise the gas tax. Congressman Blumenauer said he knew a way to get at least 20 Republicans on board a gas tax increase. The place was loud and that’s about all I could make out. They talked about other times when they manages to split us. It was not fun nor easy to hold back.Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. The Second Stimulus

It was this past week in which Barack Obama said that deficit spending could cause a double dip recession. Nonetheless, a “New Consensus Views Stimulus as Worthy Step.” That, at least, is the headline in the New York Times as it tries, on its front page above the fold, to push for a second stimulus.But things are not as they seem.Remember, Obama says more deficit spending is bad.The Times says that “more dispassionate analysts [have] reach[ed] a consensus that the stimulus package, messy as it is, is working.” But concedes that only “a quarter of the stimulus money [has gone] out the door after nine months.”If all of this is above the fold in the New York Times, particularly the last bit, why the heck do we need a second stimulus? Only one quarter of the first stimulus has been used and unemployment continues to rise.Please click here for the rest of the post.