Charlie Crist Wants You to Know He Hates You and Thinks You Are Dumb

Charlie Crist just hurts himself more and more every time he opens his mouth. In January, when he decides to quit the Senate primary (you heard it hear first) and get back in the Florida Governor’s race, he’s going to be doing some scrambling to douse the flames on all the bridges he is burning.In the latest rant against Marco Rubio Crist attacks Rubio for voting for tax increases in Florida, which were actually unanimously endorsed and Jeb Bush sponsored refusals to roll back property taxes for education initiatives. Crist is also attacking Rubio for wanting to get rid of property taxes by raising sales taxes, a measure that Crist had actually suggested in the first place.It that wasn’t bad enough, Crist called himself pro-life, ignoring that until recently he called himself pro-choice and called himself “anti-tax” despite proposing and signing into law several recent tax hikes on Florida citizens.But it gets even better.Crist also attacked conservatives generally. He pointed out a left wing Daily Kos poll that shows people who question Barack Obama’s citizenship support Marco Rubio. He called conservatives supporting Rubio “angry.” Then he said something peculiar.

“There are a lot of Republicans that don’t have the inclination to go to executive committee meetings,” he said. “There is wide swath of republican voters out there that don’t necessarily listen to cable tv all the time.”

Now, I don’t know if he means that as a good thing or a bad thing. My suspicion is Crist views people who show up at GOP meetings and watch cable news as bad for him. Why? Because all of the county GOP executive committee’s in Florida are backing Marco Rubio and the cable channels are documenting Crist’s flip-flops with great diligence. In other words, Crist is hoping a lot of ignorant voters show up to vote for him on election day.

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