What We Know About the Senate Health Care Plan

There is still much to learn about the Senate health care plan, but we know a few things already.The Senate bill does not have a price tag. The Democrats are touting a cost of $849 billion, but that number is a fabrication.From Please click here for the rest of the post.Roll Call we learn that “one Senate Democratic leadership staffer acknowledged that the cost estimate did not even represent an official preliminary score from the CBO but was a representation of “preliminary feedback” that Reid has gotten from the nonpartisan Congressional agency.”In other words, we do not know how much it will actually cost.We also know that the Senate has severely weakened the pro-life language of the legislation. It comes no where close to the Stupak amendment language.We also know that the legislation purports to cut the deficit. How? By massive and painful tax increases, including raising the payroll tax on medicare.Finally, we know that now some Democrats are leaning against a vote on the “motion to proceed.” Any Senator who votes for the motion to proceed is, in effect, voting for the legislation. Harry Reid needs all sixty of the Democrats.