Sid Blumenthal's Kid Fails At Race Card Hackery

Max Blumenthal is a wholly inconsequential individual whose sole claim to fame is being Sid Blumenthal’s boy. Like his dad, Max has gone into the business of inept Democrat hackery.I’d generally not worry about something someone riding daddy’s coattails has done except this is a great lesson in the extent to which leftists will go to play the race card. In this episode, the leftists, led by boy Blumenthal, are claiming Sarah Palin wrote her book, Going Rogue, with a diehard, unapologetic racist. Blumenthal paints Lynn Vincent, the lady who helped Palin with her book, racist through her association with Robert Stacey McCain. Blumenthal goes through extraordinary lengths to misreport, misconstrue, and mischaracterize McCain’s views on race to paint him a racist so Blumenthal can then jump over to Vincent to tar and feather her with McCain’s views Blumenthal made up out of thin air. (You follow all that? It’s hard to keep up with boy Blumenthal’s sleights of hand)There’s just one problem beyond all the other problems with Sid’s kid’s made up crapola . As Ben Smith at the Politico notes, Lynn Vincent is anything but a racist.

The pastor of the San Diego megachurch Vincent attends (with Carrie Prejean, natch) is black. She’s also spent most of the last few years on a pair of inspirational books about, basically, racial reconciliation in the friendship between a rich white art dealer and a homeless black drifter, the first of them a Times bestseller. More broadly, she hails from a (large) stream of Evangelicalism that puts racial reconciliation very high on the agenda.

Try again.

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