U.S. Needs to Defend Honduras

Rep. Connie Mack has the top story at Human Events.

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez — together with the likes of Cuba’s Castro brothers, Ecuador’s Rafael Correa, and Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega — is spewing a populist, leftist, and strongly anti-American brand of politics that is spreading throughout Latin America. There, a rebellion against Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution is gathering that the Obama administration seems eager to quell.One country, Honduras, rejected the Chavista vitriol and embraced freedom, democracy, and the rule of law.  This should have been seen as a win for freedom over tyranny.  But instead, President Obama and his administration condemned the Honduran people and stood with a “who’s who” list of tyrants and thugs of Latin America.Earlier this year, former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, a Chavez ally, suggested that he might want to stay in power for another term.  There was only one problem: the Honduran Constitution explicitly forbids and makes illegal any attempt to change the constitution.  Mr. Zelaya, taking a page from the Chavez playbook, tried to change the constitution to allow him to run again and stay in power.