Charlie Crist's Big Financier Is Under Federal Investigation While Crist's Communications Director Quits

It is almost an admission by the Crist campaign that his campaign is garbage. Governor Crist’s long time communications director is out.

After a run of bad publicity, Gov. Charlie Crist will go the route of so many chief executives hampered by falling poll numbers or botched public relations: shaking up the communications team.Crist’s office confirmed Wednesday he is parting ways with longtime communications director Erin Isaac, who has long been an influential advisor to an image-obsessed governor. Crist chief of staff Shane Strum said Isaac told him Tuesday she was leaving to pursue other opportunities.Her exit speaks to Crist’s sagging fortunes. It follows two weeks of unbelievably bad press in which Crist denied he knew that President Barack Obama was visiting troops in Jacksonville, and then denied he ever “endorsed” the president’s economic stimulus package despite campaigning with Obama for its passage in Fort Myers.

If that wasn’t bad enough for Crist, Scott Rothstein, a prominent Florida attorney, is now under federal investigation for a Ponzi scheme. Rothstein is one of Charlie Crist’s big financial backers. This is all the more troubling because Crist was Attorney General of Florida before becoming Governor four years ago. Rothstein’s relationship with Crist could raise some serious questions.Rothstein has given the Florida Republican Party and Crist around $500,000.00 in the last few years.