Charlie Crist And the Stimulus Love: "It's a Bridge of Help"

Here’s a video of Florida Governor Charlie Crist, in his own words, saying “During the town hall [with Barack Obama], I reiterated my support for the federal stimulus package, and pledged to the people of Florida that here in Florida we stand ready to use our share of the money quickly and responsibly to create new jobs and serve our most vulnerable citizens.”But where it gets interesting is that Crist believes Florida needed to get its “fair share” of the stimulus. It’s a “bridge of help,” in Crist’s words.That’s not very conservative language — he says twice that Florida should get its “fair share.” That sounds more welfare queen than conservative. With the stimulus’s help and Charlie Crist’s support, Florida has seen a loss of 165,100 jobs since the stimulus passed. That’s one heck of a bridge of help. Well done, Charlie.