Does Charlie Crist Have Dementia or Just Like Waffles?

The saga of Charlie Crist’s love for Barack Obama’s stimulus is getting out of hand and harder every day to keep up with.In February, Crist sent a letter to Barack Obama saying Crist supported the stimulus.Later that month, Crist stood on stage to praise the stimulus and Barack Obama. In return, Obama called Crist his favorite Republican.Then two nights ago, Crist said he had never supported the stimulus.Then last night, Charlie Crist praised the stimulus.This serpentine maneuvering back and forth on the stimulus is really becoming funny. Either Crist likes and supported the stimulus or he did not. We know he did. We know he supported it. We know he embraced, literally, Barack Obama. So why the waffling?He either has dementia or just thinks he is a good liar. Neither is useful in this election.