Another Anonymous Internet Attack Out of the Florida GOP's Offices

One anonymous internet attack out of the offices of the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) against the Rubio team is a bit much. But two?There has been another one.Last time, Rich Heffley, one of Charlie Crist’s top guys and on the payroll of the RPOF, orchestrated an entire attack against Marco Rubio online, trying to be anonymous, that came complete with a Hitler video attacking Charlie Crist so, you know, they could say Rubio was behind the Hitler attack.This time, Republican Party field operations director Tim Nungesser created a Twitter account posing as Brevard County GOP Chairman Jason Steele. Nungesser then sent out a bunch of tweets making Steele, a recovering alcoholic, look like he was drinking again, harassing others, etc.Why?Because Brevard County GOP Chairman Jason Steele is backing Marco Rubio.Two anonymous internet attacks against the Rubio team all coming from one office building — that of the Florida GOP’s headquarters — may be coincidence, but a coincidence that suggests the RPOF is wholly in the tank for one side in a primary and in the tank enough to have created an internal atmosphere thoroughly hostile to its very own members who don’t toe the party line.Which Florida Republican leader will the Florida GOP attack next? Jeb?