The Brad Ellsworth Abortion Money-Laundering Scheme

I just got this from Doug over at National Right to Life. Please do read it ASAP:Speaker Pelosi, Henry Waxman, and the White House are engaged in peddling another phony compromise. This is all theater. The “negotiations” are scripted ad phony. The language being circulated, and loosely associated with Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D-In.), does not mitigate either of the abortion-subsidy provisions contained in H.R. 3962. This language is intended only to wrap the pro-abortion provisions in additional layers of concealment. The latest version of the Democrats’ abortion compromise being circulated contains a money-laundering scheme that is truly laughable. Some of the people involved in this enterprise apparently think that their constituents are simpletons.The bill explicitly authorizes the federal insurance plan, the public option, to pay for all elective abortions. When the public option pays for abortions, it will be spending federal funds, because that is the only kind of money that a federal agency can spend in the real world. Henry Waxman and his front men can write language in the bill calling the money anything he wants, but we care about the reality, not what they call it. The “Ellsworth Amendment” has been independently analyzed by experts at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and at the House Pro-Life Caucus. Their conclusions regarding its substantive (non)effect are fully consistent with those reached independently by NRLC. However, my comments here represent only NRLC.Mr. Ellsworth issued a press release in which he said, “When you’re going into battle, it’s a good idea to have a contingency plan.” I say, when you’re going into battle, it is always unpleasant to be bayoneted in the back by somebody who said that he was on your side. The Ellsworth language serves no purpose except to assist the pro-abortion House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, to peel votes away from the authentic pro-life amendment, the Stupak Amendment. The Ellsworth language about the public option is particularly revealing in demonstrating the utter phoniness of the exercise. They just want to pretend that if the federal agency hires private contractors to handle the money, it is not government funding of abortion. This is already being referred to in pro-life circles on Capitol Hill as “the Ellsworth abortion money-laundering scam.” They can write in a money-laundering scheme under which the federal agency hires a contractor to deliver the checks to the abortionists, but only a simpleton would think it is not government funding of abortion. Any lawmaker who votes for this scheme is voting to create a nationwide federal agency program that will pay for abortion on demand, with government funds.You can go here and call your legislator to oppose the Democrats’ health care plan.