Dear RedState: "I Hear You, Washington Hears You, and the Idiots On My Staff Who Did This Hear You." Respectfully, Sen. Cornyn

Well, the one Republican in Washington, D.C. today who seems to have had a realistic assessment of what took place yesterday is John Cornyn, the Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

He made sure to tell a reporter that the NRSC will not spend any money in Florida for Crist or against Rubio.

Most curious in his statement were three words:

“As far as what’s happening in specifically Florida — we made a decision to endorse Gov. Crist at his request. But we’re really not involved in the primary,” Cornyn told Manu. “That’s up to the voters in Florida.”

So . . . um . . . the NRSC didn’t really want to endorse Crist, but Crist very much wanted them to so he could look like the establishment guy? That’s what I take from this. If Crist wants to own the mantel of “GOP Establishment Candidate,” let’s tie it around his waist and throw him in one of Florida’s many lagoons.

Make no mistake about it, the only reason that endorsement happened was not to help Crist, but to stop donors from giving money to Rubio. Now that this is no longer a reality or possibility, the NRSC is throwing Charlie to wolves.

The message from John Cornyn to everyone seems very clear, “We’re not as screwed up as the NRCC and will not be playing in Florida.”

See? Just one of the very many reasons NY-23 was a victory for conservatives.

Now go make a donation to Marco Rubio. Remember NY-23.