The Love Affair is Over: In 2008 Independents Proved They Weren't Racist by Voting Obama. In 2009, Independents Vote GOP to Prove They Aren't Socialist.

New York’s 23rd Congressional District is, at this writing, too close to call, but it looks like the GOP Establishment’s candidate helped throw the race to the Democrat after the GOP spent $900,000.00 on her. That said, the Democrat’s lead keeps shrinking and there are 10,000 absentee ballots to count. We know for certain that if we combined the Republican and Conservative votes, that team would win.What we do know for sure, from Virginia and New Jersey, is that in elections without the unusual circumstances of NY-23, is that the voters threw out the Democrats big time.In Virginia, for the second time in history, the Republican Party swept all statewide offices. In New Jersey, despite multiple campaign trips by Barack Obama and his top pollster flown in to run Corzine’s campaign, Republican Chris Christie trounced Corzine. In Pennsylvania, the Democratic State entrusted its Supreme Court to the Republican Party, which could help the GOP in redistricting next year.In every state in which Barack Obama campaigned for a candidate, the candidate lost. Too bad he did not make it up to NY-23.More importantly, according to political expert Larry Sabato, there have only been two occasions when Virginia and New Jersey so thoroughly flipped to the opposite party: in 1993, before the GOP take over of Congress in 1994, and in 2005, before the Democrats took back Congress in 2006.This signals the potential for great Republican gains in the House and Senate next year.We also know, based on how Doug Hoffman is trending, that the GOP Establishment, if it continues to turn its back on the conservative base, will keep losing. Had the NRCC not so throughly botched NY-23, we would not be in this particular situation tonight.

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