Round Up

It’s going to be late before we know anything about Harmer in CA-10.As for the rest, it looks like the love affair is over. In 2008, the American public voted for Barack Obama to prove they weren’t racist and in 2010 the same public is voting for Republicans to prove they aren’t socialist.For the 2nd time in history, the GOP swept Virginia’s statewide races, picking up Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General.It looks like Christie is going to win New Jersey barring some last minute miracles for Corzine.It is also looking good for Hoffman in NY-23.We still won’t know about New Jersey and New York for a while, but the trend lines are good.UPDATE: RNC Chairman Michael Steele just hopped a plane to New Jersey. Signs are pointing to a Christie victory.UPDATE 2: Keep in mind on Doug Hoffman that 3 counties will not report their results online and one county, Fulton, has had a machine breakdown and will not report its results until tomorrow.