Fraud or Suppression

Josh Marshall says the GOP is going to fire up the vote fraud stories. Of course, Josh Marshall already has logged into the TPM queue mass stories of voter suppression that he will blame on the GOP.Because, you know, the GOP always suppresses black turn out, but ACORN never commits fraud.And we know that given what is happening on the ground right now, the GOP just might sweep. New Jersey is going to be close, but then there have already been a few Democrats alleging voter fraud in municipal elections.In any event, while Josh is waiting for the voter fraud stories he will work overtime to disprove as credibly as he failed to disprove Bobby Jindal’s hurricane story [Note to Josh: Moving the goal posts with every draft is not actually disproving the facts], he’s going to have to work closely with Media Matters and the DNC to also create a flurry of stories about the evil GOP suppressing the vote.It’ll be a busy night for TPM’s overworked narrative.