U.S. Tops in Energy Resources

Facts I bet you did not know:

The United States has largest energy reserves on Earth, according to a report from the Congressional Research Service.As shown in the charts below, the U.S. has 1,321 billion barrels of oil (or barrels of oil equivalent for other sources of energy) when combining its recoverable natural gas, oil and coal reserves. While Russia is a close second with 1,248 billion barrels, other energy producing nations are far behind. No. 3 is Saudi Arabia (543 billion barrels), followed by China (494 billion barrels), Iran (426 billion barrels) and Canada (221 billion barrels.)

This is really impressive stuff. Now here’s the thing — according to the article, “The report also noted that the United States has 28% of all the world’s coal reserves, with Russia again coming in second with 19%.” But Barack Obama is opposed to further use of coal. He is also opposed to greater use of our oil and natural gas reserves.So we have all this stuff and our government does not want us to use it. Elections matter.