Pelosi’s Kamikazes?

Jed Babbin has the top story at Human Events today.

Compared to Nancy Pelosi, former House Majority Leader Tom “The Hammer” DeLay was a pussycat. Speaker Pelosi means to force doubtful Dems to vote for the health care nationalization bill this week or next. But her tactic is anti-historical: she doesn’t remember that in World War Two, Japanese kamikaze pilots were all volunteers.  Pelosi is ordering her fearful members to vote for the Obama-cum-Pelosi healthcare “reform” bill that has voters up in arms all over the country.  House Blue Dog “moderates” are already caught in a crossfire between their constituents and their leadership.  The Tea Partyers have been heard, and they are watching carefully.And the twenty-five Democrats whose seats we believe are up for grabs in 2010 — some not in the Blue Dog caucus — may not be willing to be the political equivalent of a suicide bomber just to avoid the anger of the hyperliberal Pelosi.