Morning Briefing for November 2, 2009

RedState Morning Briefing
For November 2, 2009


1. Notice to Everyone

Hoffman has not won. Yet.Keep up the pressure. Redouble your efforts. Let’s be excited by the victory we have had, but don’t stand out. Stand up for Doug Hoffman.As one of our contributors noted private: It speaks volumes about the pathetic leadership of the GOP right now that we are beating up the GOP today instead of beating up the Democrats. Now is the time to beat up the Democrats and drive Hoffman, McDonnell, and Christie to victory on Tuesday.Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. The GOP Establishment Must Be Purged as the GOP Loses in NY-23

The race for NY-23 has taken a startling, exciting twist. Regardless of what happens on Tuesday, we know for certain the Republican candidate will not, after getting $900,000.00 in support from the Washington GOP Establishment, will not win. Scozzafava dropped out.This is a stunning rebuke to the Republican Establishment in Washington.The RNC and the NRCC deserve the rebuke — a rebuke they will get even if Hoffman loses because it is now virtually impossible for the Republican to win.How much did the NRCC and RNC spend to elect a leftist? Roughly $900,000.00 of your donated money. And let’s not mince words about it. Objectively, despite what her Republican supporters say, Dede Scozzafava is a leftist, to the left of the Democrat on a host of issues that will matter in this 111th Congress.Scozzafava’s supporters have called her a “moderate,” but her views on abortion, marriage, forced unionization, taxes, the environment, etc. etc. etc. are opposed by most Americans and most people in NY-23.How many “great” men are going to have egg on their face when Scozzafava loses?Pete Sessions, the Chairman of the NRCC, is now batting his eye lashes at Doug Hoffman. He is hiding behind a fig leaf. Having gone all in for Scozzafava, hoodwinked good men into soiling their reputations by standing behind this leftist, and wasting valuable resources on a victory he will not see, only now is Sessions tacitly declaring defeat.Relationships between the Republican establishment in Washington and the conservative movement are in rubble. Thanks to Pete Sessions NOT Doug Hoffman, there is new inspiration for a third party movement to challenge the GOP — a movement that will only help the Democrats.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Scozzafava Throws Support to the Democrat

Dede Scozzafava is throwing her support to the Democrat, Bill Owens.She and her husband are working with union activists to drive the vote up for the Democrat.The Republican Party spent $900,000.00 to help her and this is how she repays them.And Pete Sessions, Chairman of the NRCC, and Guy Harrison, Executive Director of the NRCC, still have their jobs and are failing to take responsibility for this disaster, instead blaming conservatives.Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. The one way street: “conservatives better play nice.”

We hear this all time — conservatives in the GOP have to play nice with the moderates.We never hear the other, that moderates should play nice with conservatives. Why is that? Consider the facts . . .Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. Rich Heffley Admits It Was All Him Doing The Anti-Rubio Website

At first he would neither confirm nor deny it. Then Rich Heffley insisted he was not behind the anti-Rubio website truthaboutrubio.com, but he knew who was.Now Rich Heffley admits it was all him.Notice how he waits until a Friday night to do it.Heffley still denies he was also behind the Hitler video despite removing everything about it from his website when we made the connection and saying the Hitler video was the whole reason for starting the website.Can we believe him on this after his denials on everything else?And why the heck would you erase all traces of the Hitler video from your website if that very video was your whole reason for setting up the website? By the way, the video has also disappeared off YouTube. Hmm . . .Please click here for the rest of the post.

6. GDP = “Government Domestic Product”

Much was made of the 3.5% annualized GDP growth that was reported this week. The Bush-Blamer-In-Chief stated that the figures were “an affirmation that this recession is abating and showed the steps we’ve taken have made a difference”. Really? Have they made a “difference”? Have they accomplished anything that will last beyond the massive amount of American taxpayer money that has been thrown at the problem? Let’s look at the numbers.Of the 3.5% gain, over 2% of the gain was due to durable goods – and most of that was automobile sales, buoyed primarily by the now-ended “Cash for Clunkers” program. Without this gain, the GDP would have increased at a much lower rate of around 1.9%. What about future auto sales? In September, sales plummeted as the C4C program sucked away sales that would have occurred later. Also, Edmunds.com reported that the overwhelming majority of these car sales would have occurred anyway, so the actual cost of the 125,000 additional vehicles that can be credited to C4C was closer to $24,000 per vehicle, rather than the $4000 average rebate. Of course the Obama administration didn’t appreciate Edmunds calling their baby ugly, so they became an official member of the White House Enemies List.Please click here for the rest of the post.

7. The Black Hole of Heath Care Reform-call to action

Michelle Bachmann was interviewed by Hannity (not sure what date because the FNC Hannity site is a mess, but I assume Friday Oct. 30), during the interview Hannity describes the “Government Option” as a “funnel that’ll eventually suck everybody into it”.Bachmann says the bill will “…collapse private insurance so that everyone will fold into a single-payer government system…”From Michelle Bachmann’s home page:Come to Washington on November 5th and tell your Representative to keep their hands off your health care!If you can’t make it to Washington, go to your Member’s district office. And, if you can’t do that, you need to call and email. We can defeat this!The Time: 12:00 PM
The Place: The steps of the US Capitol
The Reason: Stop the insanity from spreading any further
Please click here for the rest of the post.

8. Meanwhile, pay no attention to this drug bust in NJ.

The Corzine campaign wants it made CLEAR that Jason Shih is in no way, shape, or form involved with the releection campaign; that Mr. Shih is certainly not an assistant campaign director or staffer for the campaign; that they have no idea who Mr. Shih would even be, let alone why he would claim such a status; or why he would claim that the car that he was driving at the time of his drug bust was rented by the campaign, or why there were tickets to an Obama rally and other campaign paraphernalia mixed in with the drug paraphernalia.Understand?Please click here for the rest of the post.

9. The Pelosi Bill: Cost, Mandates and Taxes

FROM: Michael Hammond
RE: The Pelosi Bill

-The real cost of the bill is at least $1.3 trillion (the CBO score, plus the “doc fix”) –- and probably much, much more.-The absolute minimum increase in the deficit would be $150 billion. You can probably add to this most of the $426 billion in supposed Medicare “cuts,” plus the substantial overruns in program costs as a result of underestimation of premiums. A deficit increase of between half a trillion dollars and a trillion dollars is almost certain.-Employers would be required to purchase government-mandated government-prescribed insurance for all of their employees with premiums which, according to some estimates, would be double the minimum wage. With a penalty which, for most employees, would be 8% of payroll, it would be more economical to drop insurance for anyone making under $2-300,000, depending on the level of employer contribution.Please go to the post for the rest of this exclusive information for RedState Readers.Please click here for the rest of the post.