Liberal Fascism — Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of LIberal Fascism is the one I read over and over. I think it is a model of how Obama is going to operate and we should be mindful of it.The raw acquisition of power requires multiple outside and inside groups to help maintain that power.In Wilson’s case, it was rather eye opening. We certainly do think of all the progressive era ideals that Wilson helped advance up to and including the League of Nations. What I don’t think people realize is that Wilson jailed more people for merely dissenting against government than Mussolini did in a decade. All the things the left accused George W. Bush of doing or contemplating doing, Wilson, a Democrat, actually did.It was deeply disturbing.I also don’t think, in review of Goldberg’s material, that he is stretching to say Wilson was a fascist dictator whose only real restraint was his collapse in health. Back then we didn’t have limits on the Presidency, so he could have run for a third term had he been healthy.Throughout Jonah’s book and really in Chapter 3, we are reminded that liberals have no long view of history. They demand an honest and full accounting of the right’s history, while willfully ignoring their own.Next week, we’re into Chapter 4. Remember, use “Book notes” as your tag and we can track each other. Also, I’ll see about firing up our RedState Facebook Group for further discussion.