John Cornyn Puts The Target On His Own Back

This is stunning hypocrisy.

The head of Republican Senate campaign efforts said late Monday that GOPers in New York’s 23rd district “[paid] the price” for picking a nominee in a hotly contested special election behind closed doors.

But wait . . . it gets better.

NRSC spokesman Brian Walsh said on Monday that Cornyn’s tweet was directed at the local party and not at the NRCC or RNC.

So apparently, if the closed doors are located in Washington, D.C., everything is fine. If the closed doors are located in district, it is bad.John Cornyn just expressed everything that is wrong with the Beltway Republican Establishment TM. And he has become so entrenched in it himself that he cannot see the hypocrisy.He too went behind closed doors and picked Charlie Crist as the NRSC’s favorite in Florida and now we will do to John Cornyn and the NRSC in Florida exactly what we did in NY-23 to the NRCC and Pete Sessions — clean their clocks.The NRCC spent $900,000.00 to get Dede Scozzafava elected and failed. John Cornyn told me months ago that the NRSC was picking Crist so the NRSC could free up money to go elsewhere.The rational for that decision no longer holds water. If the NRSC does not stand down in Florida, Cornyn will further contribute to the party schism Pete Sessions started in NY-23.And by the way, multiple County Chairs in NY-23 said they chose Scozzafava on the advice and input of the NRCC.