It has been 48 hours and no one has been fired. The Pauline Kaels of the GOP Remain in Charge.

On Friday, when Dede Scozzafava dropped out of NY-23, she said she hoped to work toward a “stronger GOP.”Yesterday, word began to break that Scozzafava and her husband are working with union activists to push her voters toward Bill Owens, the Democrat.I guess for Scozzafava, a stronger GOP means one in which the Democrat wins.It has been 48 hours since Dede Scozzafava dropped out of NY-23.After $900,000.00 wasted on her candidacy by the GOP, the candidate is now returning the support by encouraging votes for the Democrat.In the old days, when disgracing your employer, your co-worker, or screwing up your job, you either quit on your own accord or jumped out a window to your death. There was a quiet dignity that came with resignation in the face of defeat.That is not happening with the NRCC. The people whose judgment has fractured the GOP and inspired scores of third party candidates and primary challengers for the GOP remain in place still calling the shots.How can we trust them to get it right now? With no accountability comes a failure to take responsibility. And if they will not take responsibility, we must continue to question their judgment.It is unfortunate because candidate recruitment and fundraising have gone well. But all that has to be overshadowed by an unwillingness to take responsibility for NY-23. The failure to take responsibility led the GOP off the cliff and out of power in 2006. Vigilance and accountability must be imposed from the outside if they will not impose them from the inside.I had intended to start a daily reminder that Pete Sessions and Guy Harrison remain on the job and should be fired. They wasted $900,000.00 on a “Republican” who dropped out and endorsed the Democrat.If Pete Sessions and Guy Harrison have such little respect for donor money in this race, how can we trust them in other races. After all, except for the Pauline Kaels of the Beltway GOP, it was abundantly obvious to everyone else that Dede Scozzafava was not a moderate, but a Democratic leftist.Sadly, I don’t have the time. There are bigger fish to fry. I do think either or both Sessions and Harrison must be fired if they will not resign. Dignity and common decency demand it.They seem to have none though and there are only so many fronts on which we can fight. So we will remember this, but we will choose to fight another day.After all, we did win. But if I were a Republican Congressman, I’d be hacked off by the malpractice at the NRCC.*Kael, by the way, was the New York Times writer who commented that she was stunned by Richard Nixon’s election because she knew absolutely no one who had voted for him.