41-36 According to Sienna

There is poll volatility (PDF) in the NY-23 race. PPP has Hoffman over 50%. Sienna has him at 41%.Both have Owens hovering in the mid-thirties.Isn’t it interesting, by the way, that for the last month Owens has held in the mid-thirties while everyone else has bounced around him and in New Jersey Corzine has held around 41% while everyone bounced around him.I wonder if that is because of the negativity associated with the Republican brand. People don’t want to vote for Owens or Corzine, but they just aren’t sure that voting for the R will leave them better off. That may very well be why Hoffman benefited from not being the Republican in the race for so long.And it should serve as notice to the GOP that conservative polls better than Republican.(H/t Ironman)