The GOP Establishment Must Be Purged as the GOP Loses in NY-23

Editor’s Note: I suggest you read carefully as I am not an advocate of purging people like Susan Collins or the typical “RINO” as there are some races where a conservative really cannot win. I am, however, serious that the GOP must purge its staff and leaders who have decided to always go with the liberal. In particular, the NRCC, NRSC, and RNC need some wholesale job terminations of senior staff.The race for NY-23 has taken a startling, exciting twist. Regardless of what happens on Tuesday, we know for certain the Republican candidate will not, after getting $900,000.00 in support from the Washington GOP Establishment, will not win. Scozzafava dropped out.This is a stunning rebuke to the Republican Establishment in Washington.The RNC and the NRCC deserve the rebuke — a rebuke they will get even if Hoffman loses because it is now virtually impossible for the Republican to win.How much did the NRCC and RNC spend to elect a leftist? Roughly $900,000.00 of your donated money. And let’s not mince words about it. Objectively, despite what her Republican supporters say, Dede Scozzafava is a leftist, to the left of the Democrat on a host of issues that will matter in this 111th Congress.Scozzafava’s supporters have called her a “moderate,” but her views on abortion, marriage, forced unionization, taxes, the environment, etc. etc. etc. are opposed by most Americans and most people in NY-23.How many “great” men are going to have egg on their face when Scozzafava loses?Pete Sessions, the Chairman of the NRCC, is now batting his eye lashes at Doug Hoffman. He is hiding behind a fig leaf. Having gone all in for Scozzafava, hoodwinked good men into soiling their reputations by standing behind this leftist, and wasting valuable resources on a victory he will not see, only now is Sessions tacitly declaring defeat.Relationships between the Republican establishment in Washington and the conservative movement are in rubble. Thanks to Pete Sessions NOT Doug Hoffman, there is new inspiration for a third party movement to challenge the GOP — a movement that will only help the Democrats.Good men in the GOP are now going to be challenged in primaries because of the ill-will the NRCC has generated in New York’s 23rd Congressional District. Of all the talk of “purity test” straw men, everyone must remember it was the GOP who insisted on purely Republican candidates. It was Scozzafava’s supporters who claimed we conservatives wanted a “purity test” for candidates. That was and is nonsense. Conservatives are willing to make compromises and choose lesser Republicans who can win in races a conservative most likely cannot. NY-23 was never one of those places and now the GOP is in a world of hurt.Pete Sessions and the House GOP Leadership — not to mention Michael Steele and the RNC — have failed to gauge the mood of the nation and the conservative base accurately and this will have far reaching implications for the party.I intend to work within the GOP. Already Democrats are salivating at the thought of a third party conservative movement and are intent on fostering it to hurt the GOP. I will not cooperate with a third party movement. As I have said repeatedly, Doug Hoffman is the exception that proves the rule. America is a two party nation and instead of packing up and fleeing the GOP, we should launch a coup and take it back. Consider NY-23 the first salvo in that coup, with the Florida Senate race right behind it.Make no mistake about it, Pete Sessions and the NRCC must shoulder most of the blame and responsibility, with Michael Steele and the RNC coming right behind them. They did not listen. They would not listen. They posited themselves as the smartest people in the room.And we’ve cleaned their clocks.Now? We should be magnanimous in victory — and whether Hoffman wins or loses, as long as Dede Scozzafava loses it is a victory — but we should demand accountability, we should demand a reckoning, and we should demand a purge from the party establishment of those people most responsible for the Republican disaster in NY-23.I hope John Cornyn and the NRSC are paying attention.