In NY-23 There Are Four Who Deserve Tremendous Credit

Lots of people want credit for Dede Scozzafava dropping out today. I feel like I have had a view from the inside. Lots of people are trying to give me credit for rallying the base since last July for Hoffman, but from my vantage point, there are four that are being overshadowed by Pataki, Pawlenty, and Palin, but who genuinely and truly deserve a hell of a lot more credit than most. While it was flattering to be attacked by the Scozzafava campaign and next to the Newsweek profile of me, this is probably the most flattering article written about me — It declares me the winner in NY-23 — there are really some groups and people who need to be commended for their hard work above me and anyone else outside of Hoffman and his campaign team.Matt Lewis has a comprehensive list that is worth reading. And thanks Matt for a mention. But there are four who must be remembered. The one caveat is that there are several who, above all else, can declare victory today, but they must, out of necessity and the need to remain effective, stay anonymous. I, however, know who they are.Please though, remember these four:1. Fred & Jeri Thompson. They made this race their personal crusade. They have helped bring in talent and endorsements, putting their own reputations on the line. 2. Susan B. Anthony List. First in and last out, they have been under the radar for months. Before the tea party activists. Before the cavalcade of politicians from Palin to Pawlenty to Perry, there was Susan B. Anthony.3. Club For Growth. A group that many see as a front for the GOP has given the GOP a solid black eye and elevates fiscal conservatism to the forefront of the fight to save America.4. Jon Henke. Jon came in to little fanfare or notice and helped rally conservative activists online for Hoffman. Many people did not realize until recently that Jon was even helping Hoffman. But he did. He’s done great work. We don’t always see eye to eye on issues, but make no mistake — a lot of people will be quicker to recognize the above three than Jon, but Jon has played a critical and vital role.One honorable mention: Dave Keene at ACU. Dave raced into this race almost immediately. He organized a blogger call out of the shoot, before Henke was even involved. Make no mistake about it — Dave Keene and the American Conservative Union did a hell of a lot to keep some people out of this race and bring others in. They can hold their head high on this. UPDATED: Keep getting emails saying I need to go all PBS and say “And readers like you.” Fair point.