House Conservatives Now Free to Rally to Hoffman

It is good to see Jeb Hensarling leading the rush to Hoffman this morning. I was more critical than I should have been by Jeb’s endorsement of Scozzafava. The party leadership persuaded too many good guys to go with her and the conservatives trusted the assessment.It’s outstanding to see Jeb leading the tide this morning as those who sat on the sidelines or went with Dede now are free to choose their conscience and stand with the conservative.His statement:

I am endorsing Doug Hoffman’s candidacy in New York’s 23rd Congressional District. Doug will fight Speaker Pelosi’s efforts to takeover our health care system and work with us to reign-in the record spending, debts and deficits that President Obama and the Democrat Congress are piling onto the shoulders of our children and grandchildren. I respect DeDe Scozzafava’s decision to leave the race and am gratified by it. When I agreed to support her, I didn’t think a third party candidate could win and I was wrong. Clearly, Hoffman’s conservative principles are far more in line with my own, and I welcome this opportunity to endorse him. I am excited about this opportunity and will welcome him to Congress.