Can Anyone Make John Feehery's Say What They Want?

I have written about John Feehery before. He is the former Bob Michel and Denny Hastert employee who had to be bumped aside by the insurgents of 1994 before the GOP could take control of Congress and then weaseled his way back into power in Hastert’s office. Then we lost power. Hmmmm . . .Feehery is the guy who gave Bob Michel and Bob Dole credit for the conservative revolution of 1994 and told Rush Limbaugh to shut up or the GOP would stay out of power.Feehery’s wife is the Deputy Chief of Staff to Charlie Crist’s errand boy, Senator George LeMieux. In other words, he is most definitely not a conservative.So let’s compare and contrast Feehery. It’s like he wants to be Andrew Sullivan in his inconsistencies.Here is Feehery from October 21, 2009:

But in both races, conservative independent third-party candidates are running insurgent campaigns that just may give the election to the Democrats.In fact, the Club for Growth, a nominally Republican-leaning but actually Republican-slaying organization, is pouring money into the third-party candidate in the New York race, attacking the Republican candidate. The third-party challenger has no chance of winning, so this seems like a conspiracy to give the Democrats another seat in a Republican district. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) weighed in, endorsing Scozzafava, making that very point. . . .The hard-rock conservatives don’t seem to be in much of a mood to make accommodations to a broader base. And that could spell doom for Republicans as they try to take back the House and make inroads in the Senate.

The very same John Feehery today in James Oliphant’s Los Angeles Times article:

But John Feehery, a Republican strategist in Washington, said Hoffman may well have won the election even if Scozzafava had stayed in.“That means that even in the Northeast, the country has become much more conservative than it was only 10 months ago,” Feehery said, suggesting that the Obama’s administration’s spending policies were responsible.

It is men like John Feehery who claim to be top GOP consultants, but will say or do anything as the wind blows, who have gotten us into the mess we are in. HIs opinion should count for what it is: crap.

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