Make Earl Pomeroy's Life Painful

Earl Pomeroy told his constituents he was standing up to his fellow Democrats on health care. He stood up to Nancy Pelosi and said he wouldn’t vote for a bill that expanded the deficit.

Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., had interrupted Pelosi’s presentation about one version of the bill with questions about its cost. According to Pomeroy and others, she cut him off — twice — with a question of her own:Is there any version you could support?Yes, Pomeroy said, but not the one most likely to succeed.

Why couldn’t Pomeroy support the health care legislation? Because it busted the budget.In fact, now that the Democrats’ health care legislation has been released, we know it is still a fiscal train wreck.

While Democrats claim their the coverage expansions total $894 billion, this figure represents the net costs of expanded coverage. The CBO score reveals total costs of the coverage expansion total $1.055 trillion-$425 billion in Medicaid costs, $605 billion in “low-income” subsidies for individuals to purchase coverage through government-run Exchanges, and $25 billion for small business tax credits. Democrats’ lower $894 billion number conveniently includes offsetting revenue from more than $150 billion in tax increases (only a portion of the $729.5 billion in total tax increases)-$33 billion from individuals who do not purchase, and $135 billion from employers that do not offer, government-forced insurance.The more than $1 trillion in spending on coverage expansions does not even include additional federal spending included in the legislation-including extension of Medicaid “stimulus” funding to the States, a new reinsurance program for retirees, and a $34 billion trust fund for public health-that totals $224.5 billion. When combined with the cost of the coverage expansions, total spending under the bill actually approaches $1.3 trillion.

Nonetheless, Earl Pomeroy has decided to side with Nancy Pelosi against his constituents today.

Before the official unveiling, House Democrats gathered in the basement of the Capitol for a final briefing with Pelosi and other leaders, and they agreed that the time for compromise had arrived. Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D.), a prominent fiscal hawk, stood up to announce that he would support the measure, drawing a round of applause loud enough to be heard outside the room. “At the end of the day, we’ve got to pass something,” said Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.).

Here’s the thing — if we make Earl Pomeroy’s life extremely painful for the next week, Republicans are going to think twice about jumping ship and so will a lot of the Blue Dog Democrats.This fine dog poop can be shipped to Earl Pomeroy at Office of Congressman Earl Pomeroy
3003 32nd Ave S Suite 6
Fargo, ND 58103

Likewise, you can tie up his phone lines by calling (701) 224-0355 and then (202) 225-2611 to express your dissatisfaction. *Note: if you use our link, I can track the orders sent and Amazon kicks back some cash to RedState too! A win-win.