Fatuous Nonsensical Denial

I have to call this post that, because the other front page writers won’t let me use the word b*lls**t in a title or post.But that is exactly what the National Republican Senatorial Committee is peddling this evening.Here is Leon’s post about Al Ramirez and the miracle of the instantaneous 4000 twitter followers that Christ himself could not have gotten.In a nutshell, the NRSC endorsed Carly Fiorina after spending months asking her to run for the Senate in California.But, the NRSC refuses to actually use the word “endorse” because they know conservatives are already angry over their Charlie Crist endorsement.So the NRSC invites some guy no one has ever heard of named Al Ramirez who has been in the California Senate race forever without raising any money to come to the NRSC in Washington to announce Ramirez’s race.The NRSC then says “see, see, we aren’t taking sides in California like we are in pretty much every other state. Oh, and screw Chuck DeVore.”Ramirez gets on Twitter and says that thanks to the NRSC he now as over 4,000 twitter followers. The NRSC is clearly cooler and better than Billy Mayes!!!!!Coincidentally, he has an almost identical list of followers as Carly Fiorina, though she, amazingly, added 3,500 more than Ramirez in just about 24 hours.Not surprisingly, virtually all of both Fiorina and Ramirez’s followers are porn and spambots. But dammit, they have a huge list of followers in 24 hours! They are quite popular with the virtual porn crowd!Here’s where it gets interesting.Ramirez deleted his post thanking the NRSC for getting him 4000 porn and spambot followers. We saved the screenshot and posted it.The NRSC then cries to Leon that he should not have posted that without talking to them — after all they are so honest they speak of Senator Fiorina out of one side of their mouth and demand retractions that they’ve endorsed her out of the other side of the mouth.At the same time the NRSC is crying foul, Al Ramirez gets on Twitter to say the NRSC never helped him get his twitter followers, despite having previously said EXACTLY THAT and then deleting it later.How exactly does it help either Fiorina or Ramirez to be racking up porn and spambot followers on twitter? It does them both a disservice.The NRCC and NRSC are both destroying their relationships with conservatives. If they want to run campaigns without conservatives, that’s fine, but we will do to the NRSC exactly what we are doing to the NRCC in NY-23.By the way, why exactly is the NRSC so upset over this?Because I’m sure NRSC would be horrified if the world and, more precisely, the Senate Republican Conference, knew the NRSC was buying twitter followers that consist of porn and spam in order to establish their new media street cred. At some point the Republican Conference in the Senate is going to have a WTF moment and people will be held accountable for this nonsense. And I bet it will happen right after Doug Hoffman wins on Tuesday in NY-23. The NRSC cannot possibly be so naive as to think we will not do to them what we have done to the NRCC if they don’t change their ways.