Democrats Mandate Questionable Care for All Americans

The House Democrat bill (in Section 222) not only requires coverage for the following services, but mandates that “there shall be no cost-sharing under the essential benefits package” for these services. Some of these services are unobjectionable, but to force them on all Americans, paid by taxpayer dollars in many cases, and free of charge rather than bearing some personal responsibility, is too much. Included on list of mandated free services:

  1. Alcohol misuse screening and behavioral counseling interventions
  2. Chlamydial infection, screening
  3. behavioral counseling in primary care to promote a healthy diet.
  4. Gonorrhea, screening.
  5. screening.
  6. Obesity in adults, screening.
  7. Sexually transmitted infections, counseling.
  8. Tobacco use and tobacco-caused disease, counseling.

Americans should not be forced to pay for these benefits, let alone to give their tax dollars to make them free.